Get It Right The First Time

Using a Rotary brush (on a drill) can only reach a portion of the vent system, impacting the lint in a system and thereby creating a larger issue.  Consider the use of a drill; it is used to drill holes, or forcing a screw into wood and metal.  If a brush is used, it effectively will easily puncture a hole and dislodge a connection in your system.  This brush will not make a turn in the elbow; it is effectively like taking steel wool to brush your teeth….. and at that only brushing your front teeth.


Use of a Lint Lizard only cleans 12 to 15 inches into a system and it cannot consume any considerable amounts of lint. It is effectively like taking a “Qtip” to brush your teeth…… and at that only being able to brush one tooth.


Regularly we see homeowners and other service professionals that have used these methods in an attempt to help.  We continually assist to rectify and correct the use of these methods in our consultations and repairs.  Help yourself out, don’t create a larger issue by using substandard practices!  We look forward to educating our customers, we are here for you.

Don’t keep spending your time and money on very under rated and damaging promises.  Get it done right the first time!

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