Top Reasons You Need Your Dryer Vent Cleaned

You have invested hard earned money in your dryer and you expect it to work.  And rightfully so!

 Lets explore the dryer vent!

But there is more going on behind the scenes of a dryer.  A dryer is only as good as its vent system.  Just like humans, the dryer vent must have airflow to “breathe”, a clear easy and dependable way to expel heat, water and lint that comes from drying laundry.

The basic problems encountered when a dryer vent system is “sick” are:

*  Clogged

*  Improper ducting and improper exterior vents (plastic, PVC, or non-rigid material)

*  A combination of clogged with improper ducting *this is the most common

*  Connection from the dryer to the wall

I explore each of these individually, just click the link to learn more……

Not much thought or consideration is given to the dryer vent system………

and it deserves so much more!

Our dryer vent systems affect so many areas of our lives, consider these:

– Risk of damage. Whether it is from fire, water (therefore mold) or to the dyer itself.

– Energy consumption expense

– Repair expense for your dryer or replacement costs

– Repair expense to your home

– Your time – dealing with the repeated drying cycles and coordinating repairs

– Health concerns with dust, mold, and stressors.  For gas dryers, the risk of carbon dioxide  emissions are pivotal and with occlusions it is imminent.

– Laundry damage

And another fact many don’t realize is that dryer manufacturers recommend yearly cleaning by a professional based on 3 to 5 loads of laundry per week.  Realistically the average home does 4 to 10 loads of laundry per week.  And if you fall into the typical 4 to 10 loads per week you would need your dryer vent (and system) checked and cleaned every 6 months.

Have the Pro’s Clean It!

Get the lint out of your vent!

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